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Biostatistics and Research Awareness Initiatives Network, Inc (BRAIN) was established as a 501(C)3 nonprofit organization in 2015 with support from the founding board members and Dr. Elizabeth Mancke of Canada as a result of a small grant in 2014 from members of the Biometrics Section of the American Statistical Association (ASA). In order for high school students to continue to benefit from BRAIN, we need your support! Your donations help expose students to quality mentors, role models, and researchers, purchase educational and training materials, and provide domestic and international travel for service-learning projects. BRAIN is unique in that in order to maximize contributions for student expenditures, none of our board members are paid.


Student participation in BRAIN is increasing and your tax-deductible donations are much appreciated. Please watch the videos and view photos on our website and Facebook to learn why and how BRAIN is critical to the success of future health science and STEM leaders. Then, click the DONATE tab below! Thank you for supporting our students!!


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